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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Unplugged Project

First of all I need to tell you this is not an intervention for kids(or grown-ups) who have become attached to electronic gadgets. The idea behind The Unplugged Project is simply this: an experience per day done without the use of texting, emailing or phone calls until the experience it complete.Doing simple things can be relaxing and fun in such a hectic world. Even if you think it sounds super boring, you may be surprised at the end. I would love to hear some of your ideas for The Unplugged Project. I will post them for others to try!

Let's get started.

Here are a few ideas:
Sit still for 10 minutes. Eyes open...what's going on around you? What do you see? Each time you think about your homework or your BFF stop yourself: clear your mind and just listen. What do you hear? You can move your head and body around but try to stay in the same spot. It's harder than you think since we're so contintioned to go-go-go all the time. Outside works best for this.NOTE: this is great for older kids, littles may need some guidance here or reduced time.
Write a letter to someone (on paper) and walk it to a big blue mailbox.We don't need to in 2010 when even your Great-Grandma is checking her email and facebook messages! Believe me she only got a facebook account to stay in touch with you, an actual letter would make her day! Do you even know where the big blue mailbox is in your neighborhood?
Try making your favorite food from scratch. Even if it's chicken strips or pizza, we never do this either since it's so easy to get stuff already made or drive-thru. It's cool to know what you're eating and fresh stuff always tastes better anyway. NOTE: No cereal or toast. May need grown-up for cooking part. No microwaving allowed.
Watch a silent movie. I suggest a comedy if you've never watched one. Make yourself some popcorn, sit back and enjoy! No computers screens please, only on a TV screens. NOTE: Must be of the black and white variety and not just the latest Michael Bay movie on mute.

Please don't cut corners or cheat, it only takes away from the experience. I would love to hear some of your ideas for The Unplugged Project. I will post them for others to try! Have fun.

You can plug back in now!

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