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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reboot your Brain

Todays Huffington Post really nails what this blog is all about: our brains need time to refresh and recharge in order to problem solve. Unplugging allows our brain and body to relax, making it easier to handle the stress in our daily lives. Author Srinvasan Pallay doesnt mention specific ways, it's really up to the individual to figure out what works for them. As a Mom of three rowdy boys, here are a few things I've done with my kids this past week:
playing board games/puzzles
building a fort in the backyard
working in the garden
taking a nature walk
building a sandcastle on the beach
taking a bike ride
shop for/make/eat dinner together
picking up trash/cleaning a local public school
visit an elderly neighbor(who has time for that?)

Only recently have I slowed down long enough to even notice that my overly-complicated schedule and all of my multi-tasking has seriously damaged my family. It hit home to me when I overheard someone say "I've got hurry!" I was curious: who is this person? They must be from out of town...I hadnt heard anyone say that for such a long time and I was completely jealous. I want that, I need that...for myself, for my family.

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